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Poveda the CHAMPION!

Finally. After almost 3 weeks of booster practice, we won.  Yipee dooo!!! But, I'll miss our late practices in school and during Saturdays and even Sundays.  I know many thought that we didn't have a chance of winning, even my sister was surprised that we won. But, what the heck?! POVEDA WON! Oh yeah baby! :)

Cathy, thanks so much for the hug before the competition.  You don't know how much that comforted me.  Grabe, soooper nervous nako nun.  Thanks talaga. You made my day. :) *mwah*

Here are some pics.

Cathy I love!!!!!!! :)

Me, Cathy, Gela, and Hannah

Me and Hannah! :)

Thanks for the pictures, Cathy!! :) *mwah!*

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