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DLSU Results

DLSU Results are out.

Congrats to those who passed.

Damn it, I should've applied there. Now I feel so guilty. I envy Kate. She passed her dream school and her 1st choice course. Congrats again, Kate. :)
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i'm soooooo nervous, too, chey.

i want to die na. i swear. =/
trix!!!!!!!!!!! don't worry, we can do this!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaahhhh!!!! :(( God loves us naman eh... hehehehe! :)
JAN. 8!!!
I was thinking na when I wake up, I'll change, then I'll go to Ateneo to check the list. Wanna come? :)
Love you :)
I'm scared. Please don't bother to look for my name. I'm scared it might not be there. SHIT. I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!
i will never forget how you've been an inspiration to me. hahaha love you, chey! you're just as destined for admu as i am for dlsu, you know. *wink*
you're sooooo sweeeeettttttt :( :( :( thanks, you've made me smile :) love ya, archer! :)