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Footloose, footloose...

Maica's debut was fun. Out of the Box performed and it was incredible. They are all so talented, especially the one and only girl, which happens to be a Povedan and Trina Legasto's cousin. I think she graduated when we were 2nd year. Grabe, I love their voices! Nakaka-in love. And it's so cool that they can make drum and ala-DJ sound effects with their voices! Oh, they sang Footloose! Hehe, lalang. Babaw!! Anyway, Anna Lo(LoWW!!) and I think that every guy on that band was cute, especially the semi-kal guy with glasses... *drool drool*

Anyway, I was part of the 18 treasures but I didn't get to give her my gift coz I had to leave at 11pm. My sister kasi picked me up and she was getting mad na coz she was sleepy na raw. But I asked Jo to say my part for me. :)

Yesterday morning before going to Maica's debut, I went all the way to Espana to have my grad pic taken. And! I HATE MY FORMAL PIC!!! I told you I wasn't photogenic at all. I really want a retake kaya lang it's such a hassle to go all the way there and I think last day na yesterday. Damn it! My creative shot is better (I hope). I did the "got milk?" thing with a milk mustache and I was holding a glass of milk. I don't usually drink milk...In fact, I HATE THE TASTE! And after the shot, sayang naman if I threw my glass of milk, right? So, I drank ONE WHOLE GLASS! Shit. Nasuka ako, grabe!!! I'm never ever ever drinking that. Bleh! So... I got home mga 4pm and Cathy picked me up and we went to her house. We left her house mga 6:00 and we got to Mandarin mga 6:30. Talk about early birds! Dapat nga may early bird awards kami eh. Hehehe.

So, there! Maica, thanks for last night. I had a really great and fantabulous night. Happy 18th Birthday, my dear twin! Mwah mwah mwah! :)
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